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How to take control of your Nursing Career

with Staffing on the Go

At Staffing on the Go, we make it easy to verify yourself and maintain your own credentials to allow for flexible, easy job/contract searching. We offer verification of certifications, schooling, identity and vaccinations to go along with your nursing profile & resume.

We also give you the tools you need to find your next contract, apply for and safely get paid all on one easy-to-use platform.

Staffing on the Go helps you navigate and control your next contract & your nursing future.

  • Verification & Profile

    We give employers the confidence they need to hire you

    By creating a profile with Staffing on the Go you get access to the tools you need to verify your credentials on your own terms. Use our unique test interface and verification forms to get access to high end healthcare contracts & jobs.


    You can get a full term, short term or part time job on Staffing on the Go to fulfill the needs of a small clinic or physician office, work for a private individual in need of a nurse or function as a delegating nurse in a group home or community center. Just click a button and your up-to-date, verified credentials are submitted. 


    With Staffing on the Go, you are verified once and for all. The system will alert you when any of your certifications or immunizations are about to expire, so you are always ready for the next big opportunity. 

  • Find Your Next Job or Contract

    Your Career, Your Terms

    We offer unique geolocation & filter based search to help you find the right work based on your skills, qualifications & other factors you choose to use.

  • Join a like-minded community of Nurses

    Ask questions, chat and follow other nurses and healthcare professionals

    Easily discuss topics and follow one another in our community driven nursing forum. With messaging and topic creation, you always have an engaging community at your fingertips.

  • Travel Nurses

    Travel nurses get to negotiate their contracts directly and can be paid through the site weekly or biweekly as they prefer.

  • Take Control of Your License & Reputation

    Take control of your license and get the opportunity to be recognized as a great nurse.


    Hospitals and other healthcare entities will be able to rate your service and make comments of your nursing skill. You will get the opportunity to rate hospitals and other entities as well in an effort to help our community find the best places & people to work with.


Employers: Find your next great nurse

Let us verify them!

With Staffing on the Go, you get access to the Top Vetted & Verified nurses in the world. Staffing on the Go ensures that our community of healthcare professionals are of the highest caliber. We connect your job to the right person!

  • Verified Nurses and Healthcare Pros

    Get applications from top vetted professionals from all around the world. Leave the background verification to us!


    We do the necessary screening of all the required documents for the hiring process. We also verify their years of experience, certificates, immunization records, background checks, as well as test their knowledge on each specialty and skill. You don’t need to worry about hiring process. The nurses on Staffing on the go are screened and ready to get to work.


    We pride ourselves on our vetting system and the quality of our Nurses.  Get started today!

  • Get Notified when Nurses are interested

    Staffing on the Go notifies you when nurses are applying to your job or contract. Let our system handle everything from initial contact to escrow secured payment and contract completion. 

  • Keep up with your Favorite Nurses

    Great experience on a contract? Like a certain nurses qualifications. Use our system to "follow" and communicate directly with nurses that are a good fit. 

  • Easily See the Most Qualified Nurses for your Job

    Our system will automatically suggest nurses who meet the criteria of the jobs you post on our site and all you have to do is select from the group of highly qualified and verified nurses. You can leave comments and rate our nurses on their great skills and services.